Smart Watering System
Smart automatic watering control system allows remote actuation of sprinklers, minimizing manual labor and increasing profitability.

Depending on soil moisture and timer settings, repetitive watering can be controlled automatically to reduce time and labor by this low-cost automatic watering system. This can offer reduction in operation costs and a systematic water management for high quality fruit yield.
Automatic smart irrigation system ... made convenient though smartphones!
Increase in energy efficiency and reduction of labor costs through automated irrigation automation and remote control
Automatic control of water pumps according to timer and soil mositure sensors
Automatic control of water sprinklers based on moisture sensor settings and watering schedule. Rain sensor allow optional watering setting in case of rainfall
Remote control via smartphone
Remote watering control via smartphone via smartphone
Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and moisture levels
Real-time checking of moisture and ambient sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.), through smartphone and monitoring via video capture if available
8-point electronic valve and water flow sensor
Watering can be done in designated areas with 8-point electronic valve and water flow sensors detect watering activity to report areas with deficient watering.
System components
Automatic and remote watering via smartphone controls
Accumulated moisture sensor data plotting and analysis via Cloud data server
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