SmartFarm 'BANDIBURRI' - Simple Control
'BANDIBURRI' SmartFarm is a remote environment control system that facilitates management of greenhouses through state-of-the-art ICT.
Through the cloud-based FarmNote service, it provides analysis of sensor data and daily farming logs.

Entry-level 'BANDIBURRI' is a system that utilizes the automatic 개폐판넬 and provides remote control through smartphones, allowing a smart farm with reasonable infrastructure cost. Through remote mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), access to the greenhouse can be monitored via CCTV. Temperature, humidity, CO2, and other sensor data can be checked, as well as notifications about power outtages, extreme temperatures, intrusion, etc. to prompt appropriate measures.
With 'BANDIBURRI' SmartFarm, monitoring of greenhouses and poultry farms can be managed effectively, improving productivity and convenience through remote control.

Main system features
High quality and productivity, Convenient farming!
Smartphone remote control
Automated control and emergency notifications via smartphones based on temperature, humidity, CO2, soil moisture, and other sensors
Notification Service
Alarm notifications to smartphones in case of unexpected events such as power outtages and unusual temperature or humidity conditions
Cloud Service
Server storage of sensor data in 5 minute intervals, graph viewing and excel file download
Work schedule and 농가경영장부 planning possible in the integrated website through SmartFarm daily farm logs
Data access and storage from anywhere via PC or mobile through cloud-based service
Push notifications, video and sensor monitoring, smartphone remote control, and cloud-based data utilization
System components
Master controller
- Temperature and humidity as master controller, 1 display set
- Sensor node connection (maximum of 5) to main controller allowed
- Possible node connections include sensors such as temperature/humidity, CO2, soil, conductivity, ambient light, solar irradiance, illuminance, water supply amount, etc.
- LAN/wireless network connection via regular or LTE routers
- Analog, IP, and PTZ cameras possible
- Two-way reporting of collected data via mobile devices
Extended Control
- Easy installation of controllers for additional units e.g. additional greenhouse
- Convenient installation even in small-scale single-unit greenhouses
User software
- Video and sensor remote monitoring via smartphone app
- Remote control of open/close shutters via app
- Daily logs, graphing, and excel file download of sensor data through SmartFarm data server

System diagram
Currently used in over 350 farms nationwide with affordable installation costs
On-demand access from anywhere via smartphone
Easy installation through most reliable mobile communications network
Checking of real-time operation through video
Convenient use of smartphone app with beginner-friendly UI
Use of wireless routers for areas without internet connection

Unique system features
Cloud-based integrated data analysis and FarmNote service
Storage of all sensor data with 5 minute interval
Graph view and excel file download
Work logs per farm (photo regristration possible)
Shipment and product logs, usage statistics
System Info Contact