ARCLOW-SYS - Farm Arc Fire Detection System
Through integration of SmartFarm and disaster monitoring ICT systems, poultry management has become smart and secure.

Integrated environment monitoring and disaster (fire) prevention system
he smart poultry management system is increases productivity and lowers labor needs to through an integrated environment control and disaster prevention system.
Through a patented arc sensor technology, fires caused by electrical sparks can be detected and prevent fires in advance for a convenient and secure livestock management.
Main system features
Next-generation poultry farm disaster detection system with integrated SmartFarm and hazard prevention
Convenient and secure livestock management
Patented arc sensor allows detection of fire hazard in advance and accumulates data pertaining to occurrence, location, and frequency, etc.
Livestock condition monitoring such as temperature, humidity. CO2, ammonia, water supply, feed amount
Circuit breaker control and alarm through smartphone in event of fire hazard
Emergency alert service
Warning notifications to smartphone in event of arc hazard exceeding setpoint
Push arlarms to smartphone in event of extreme temperature/humidity, power shutdown, and potential dangerous situations
Remote monitoring via smartphones
Remote monitoring of livestock through real-time video and sensor data monitoring
Device control via smartphone in case of emergency
Next Generation of Farm Disaster Monitoring System with integrated ICT convergence Smart Farm and Disaster Control System
Prevent electrical fires through inspection of danger zones with arc detection and monitoring of hazard occurrence frequency and intensity
The arc sensor detects fire hazard before a fire outbreak and informs large-scale arc occurrences to allow monitoring of hazard frequency and evaluate need for electrical inspection, thus reducing fire hazard danger.
Since arcs are created continuously and may shoot off electrical sparks, the heat and spark may set surrounding things on fire.
We recommend livestock farm disaster prevention through effective inspection and management of fire hazards by NareTrend’s smart livestock system.

"Electric Fire, can be PREVENTED!!"
Arc fire monitoring system from NARE, is a disaster prevention system for the farm safety
Electric fires can be prevented when it is detected at Arc(spark) stage!
System components


Graph viewing and excel file download of sensor data
Danger hazard distribution and frequency analysis through arc fire sensor
Management of work logs and reporting/recording of product shipment and duties
Use of features through PC and mobile phone
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