Data Logger
Effective measurement of various sensor data for plant growth monitoring and data analysis

he data logger system allows monitoring of various sensors via smartphone and data analysis for research purposes.
Reliable, convenient, and effective data monitoring
Real-time remote monitoring via smartphone
Multiple connections to a variety of sensors
Year-round measurement data storage in 5-minute intervals
Data processing and statistics feature according to specified condition
Graph viewing, excel file export, and report logs
Components and features
The data logger system allows sensing, monitoring, and database processing to deduce optimum growth environment and can be useful for research purposes.
Sensing + Monitoring + Data Analysis
Real-time sensor monitoring via smartphone
Easy viewing of daily/location graphs through mobile device
Various sensor measurements such ambient, and weather sensors
Multiple device connections in several locations
Database storage of measurement data in 5 minute interval
Extensive search features
Download of search result to excel file
Use in PCs, tablets, and mobile devices
1. Smartphone app
Real-time monitoring of sensor data through smartphone app and graph viewing via mobile-version FarmNote
Real-time checking of measurement data. with daily sensor monitoring or designated area monitoring via mobile FarmNote
Convenient data query of sensor data graphs and tables according to date or period in FarmNote
2. Cloud Server
Real-time graphs for each designated area, daily statistics and integration graphs, data download in table or excel format, research log and photo upload through daily farm log features available in the website
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