'BANDIBURRI' - Complex Environment Control System
An automated environment control system to adjust environment conditions (temperature, humidity, moisture, light, etc.) for optimum crop yield

Complex control + Remote monitoring + Remote control + Cloud service
Through a combination ICT technologies, the smart integrated environment control system create and maintain appropriate environment for optimum growth through sensor data collection and processing. Cultivation practices based on scientific analyses allow effective energy management leading to lower production costs, decrease labor costs, and increase crop yield and quality.
Main System features
Application of smart integrated control algorithm to optimize growth environment
Multiple control settings according to a variety of conditions such as external/internal environment, operation schedule, etc.
Notification support for 풍상창 and shutter opening range adjustment
Greenhouse control based on average temperature obtained from multiple temperature sensors
Minimization of greenhouse temperature swings through automated control of shutters based on temperature differences and wind speed
Automatic control of roof cover, side windows, and curtains
6-period automatic control and various settings based on temperature and rainfall
5-stage control of light cover according to amount of sunlight
Shutter opening range and speed adjustment
Automatic control of heating and CO2 supply
Proportional control and circulatin pump control according to greenhouse and external temperature
Control of CO2 injection time and amount
Automatic adjustment of input CO2 concentration according to sunlight, windspeed, shutter opening, and humidity
Remote control and monitoring via smartphone
Real-time video and sensor monitoring
Remote device actuation via smartphone as needed
Push notification of warnings to smartphone in events such as power outtage, extreme temperature, etc.
Cloud-based big data service
Sensor data storage and graph analysis
Download of data in excel or PDF report format
Export and writing of report logs (work, production, shipment, inventory, etc.)
Cloud-based use via PC/mobile device
Through BandiPurri's smart integrated environment control, the product quality, crop yield, and farm management convenience are increased via smartphone control, improving quality of life in farming communities.
Photo of actual field installation
It is currently being used in numerous areas such as muhsroom and flower farming, greenhouses, and even in farming education centers in the country.
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