Integrated Composite Controller
IoT control system that provides automatic and remote control functions for greenhouse, barn, and many other facilities.
Our IoT control system is able to monitor and adjust the environment of a facility through different kinds of sensors automatically. It also allows the users to control their facilities remotely through their smartphone; users can monitor the sensor data in real time and also keep an eye on their facilities from the video if a camera is installed. Furthermore, our smart controller, which includes the automatic and remote control functions, could be easily installed and applied to various kinds of fields.
- ON/OFF control features regardless of the device types
- Data monitoring through RS485 connections
- Automatic control for device configuration based on sensor data
- Video surveillance feature if an IP camera is installed
- Remotely control the facility through smartphone
- Also available for no internet area by using wireless connection
- Simple and user friendly UI in smarphone APP
CPU Cortex M3
Flash 32KB
RAM 5 Kbyte
Digital Out RELAY Dry Contact 8 Point
Digital Input Input 8 Point
Network RS-485, RS-232
Supply Voltage DC 5V , DC 12V
Dimension 121mm*83mm
System Main Functions
IoT-based integrated composite controller allows users to control their facilities remotely and monitor them through the sensors and video in real time by using smartphone APP
Real time video surveillance (if a camera is installed)
Push notification (various sensors data) on users¡¯ smartphone
Remotely control all installed devices
Check environment measurements of the facilities in real time
Adjust the temperature, humidity, CO2, wind direction/speed, EC, soil moisture, light intensity, etc. that are connected to the sensors
Push Notification + Smartphone Monitoring + Remote & Automatic Control
System Diagram
Any danger (e.g. fire, arc, trepassing, power failure, high temperature, etc.) detected by the sensors will be notified to users¡¯ smartphone.
Controller ports are connected to 8 devices that allows automatic and remote control functions.
Measurement data (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.) from RS485-sensor could be checked through smartphone.
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