An arc detection sensor that detects the occurrence of electric arc, which is the main cause of electrical fires.

Most electrical fires are caused by the electric arc faults.
Arc is the electrical spark that is produced by the wire or electric appliances damages, wire insulation breakdown, improper installation, connection failure, or decrepit wiring. These kind of arcs could not be detected by the commonly used earth leakage circuit breaker or molded case circuit breaker.
ArcLow, an arc fault circuit breaker developed at NareIoT research center, has the advantage of detecting not only low current arc but also high current arc in order to prevent electrical fires.
LED that indicates the arc records and dangers within a set time frame
Configure the condition of alarm, shut off, etc.
Certified for EMI(CLASS 8, Home Use)
Test button available for the arc occurrence and electric shut off
- Series low current and parallel high current arcs detection
- End-to-end fire detection of the whole area<
- UL-based harmful arc current classification
- Automatic alarm and circuit breaker functions if arc occurs
- No need to replace previously installed wires and circuit breakers
- Easy to connect by electric outlet/cable
- Able to distinguish harmful/harmless arc
MODEL ArcLow ą░
Supply Voltage AC 110~240V (50/60Hz)
Sensing Frequency 1KHz~1MHz
Form/Configuration Harmonic wave pulse counting method
Counting Time 250ms after pulse initialization
Output Mode Alarm Sound/RS485/RS232
Response Speed Arc pulse: real-time, Sensing output: within 2s
Product design may change.
Product Characteristics
í░Electrical Fire !! Prevent it in advanceí▒
Arc fire detection systemis a fire protection system designed to prevent electric arc (spark) from producing heat (Joule heat) that might spread through the nearby combustible materials. Our system is able to detect various kinds of arc, from the hardly traceable low current arc (below 3A) to the high current arc. After detection, our system will find out its danger whether the arc would potentially cause electrical fire or not. If an electrical fire danger is detected, the system will give a notice/alarm to smartphone; thus, providing safety to the environment.
romote safety starting from electrical fires prevention at houses, stores, industries, and all kinds of building.
The reasons why commonly used overcurrent circuit breaker does not work
Overcurrent circuit breaker is designed basically for preventing electric leakage and short circuit
It can immediately cut off the high electric current that is 100 times greater than its capacity in 0.03 seconds
For cutting off the electric current that is 2.55 times greater than its capacity, it requires more than 1 minute in general
Our arc sensor detects the entire area end-to-end
Able to detect low current arc below 5A
Remarkable performance to detect high current arc that is caused by the current saturation of unused CT
Convenient to use everywhere with its compact design
Do you really need arc sensor?
Starting from 2002, the living room and bedroom of every residential house in US and Canada were required to install arc circuit breakers. This led to the decrease of fire hazards from 40% to 15%. In 2014, the requirement was applied to every room in residential house, except the bathroom.
Although the law regarding the arc circuit breaker in South Korea is still under legislation process, the installation of arc circuit breaker is very important, especially in old houses. The old houses need arc circuit breaker installation more than the new houses. This is because old houses might have the higher risks of electric arc dangers that could be caused by the old and damaged wires.
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